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Are you looking for a new opportunity within the food industry? Or is your company looking to fill a mid- or upper-level management role? You have come to the right place. National Search, Inc. is committed to matching the best candidates with job opportunities within sales and marketing functions in the food industry. Call us today to start your employee search or your transition to your new dream job! 
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When you are looking for new opportunities, you are not only being assessed by companies, but you are also looking for the right direction for you and your career. We give personal attention to each selection process in order to ensure the best match between you and the job. We adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards in the industry and we understand that confidentiality is extremely important when you are looking for new opportunities.  Read about our current job openings and apply today! 


Recruiting the right people for your executive positions is vital to the success of your business. However, hiring the best people is not enough – you also want them to stay, right? We understand this and that is why we look beyond the simple match of qualifications between candidates and the positions available. We know the questions to ask in order to scope your needs and the expertise to find candidates whose goals and attributes match what you have available.  

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Why Choose Us

We see both candidates and employers as partners in the recruiting process, because that is the only way to ensure success. This means that we will listen closely to your needs and give committed, personal attention to each search and selection process. We will stay actively involved for as long as it is needed and follow up on each process to ensure satisfaction on both sides. We base everything we do on the values of loyalty, ethics and high integrity. With our executive recruitment team, you are in good hands. 
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